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Mario's Great Adventure: Vol. 1

English translation by AkFamilyHome

Mushroom Kingdom
Mario: "OW!!! My foot!"
Luigi: "S-sorry, bro!"
Offscreen: "Mario! Mario!"

Luigi: "Who is that?"
Mario: "Hi there, Toad, what's up?"
Toad: "You two are still sitting here fixing pipes? The princess just built a museum for you! She even made a huge cake!"
Mario: "A hu…huge cake?"
Toad: "I even designed a statue for you…"
Toad: "Oh? Where did he go?"

Mario: "La…la…"
Mario: "Cake…cake…"
Mario: "Where's the huge cake?"

Peach: "Mario! You finally came!"
Mario: "Wow…huge cake…"
Peach: "Come on in, Mario…"

Peach: "This place is a record of all of your adventures."
Peach: "Look!"
Peach: "This is the first time you've rescued me…"

Peach: "Someone turned it into a game…"
Peach: "And now it has sold 40 million copies!"
Mario: *scoop*

Peach: "You…"
Peach: "Have you been listening to me?!"
Bang! Thud!
Mario: "Ow…"

Toad: "Ah!"
Luigi: "Whoa…"
Luigi: "Mario? The floor is broken…"
Peach: "Lalala…"
Peach: "I didn't hit him, he fell down on his own…"
Bird: "Caw…"

Luigi: "Are you alright?"
Mario: "Ugh…"
Toad: "He's just so careless, always tumbling over!"
Toad: "Haha!"
Bob-omb: "Tick…"
Bob-omb: "Coo!"

Mario: "Who was that?"
Bob-omb: "Coo!"!
(Sign) :"A PRESENT FOR MARIO -Bowser"
Mario, Luigi, Toad: "B—OW—SER!"


Bowser: "Heh heh…"
Peach: "You…don't come over here!"
Peach: "Ah! Mario!"

Peach: "Mario! Help me…"
Mario: "Oh no… the princess!"
Mario: "Princess Peach?"
Mario: "Princess!!"
Peach: "Mario! Help me!"

Mario: "Princess!! Hm?"
Goombas: "Coo! Coo!"
Mario: "Out of my way!"!
Petey Piranha: "Mario! You'd better give up!"
Petey Piranha: "Charge!"

Goomba: *Bang*
Mario: "Whoa!"!
Mario: "Ahh…"
Mario: "Watch this!"
Goombas: "Wah! Ugh…"
Mario: *Donk*
Goombas: "Ugh…"

Mario: "Hmph…you're the only one left!"!
Petey Piranha: "Mmph…"
Petey Piranha: "Mario! Don't think I'll be afraid of you!"
Petey Piranha: *Donk* "Hiyah!"
Petey Piranha: "Take this!"

Mario: "Ahh!"
Petey Piranha: "Die! Mario!"
Mario: "Huff…huff…"

Mario: "Time to return the favor!"
Mario: "Dodge this!"!
Mario: "Dodge that!"
Petey Piranha: "Ouch, hey!"
Petey Piranha: "It hurts!!"!
Mario: "Shut up!"

Petey Piranha: "Hmph! I have no choice…"
Petey Piranha: "But to use my special move!"
Petey Piranha: "See ya!"
Mario: "?!"
Mario: "Stop running! Where is the princess?"

Mario: "Stop right there!"
Mario: "Stop right there!"
Petey Piranha: "Super Slippery Banana Peels!!"

*Whoosh* *Whoosh* *Whoosh*
Mario: "Hm?"
*Splat* *Splat* *Splat*
Mario: "Whoah!"

Mario: "Mmph…"
Petey Piranha: "I'm gonna squash you!"
Mario: "Ahh!!"

Luigi, Toad: "Mario! Mario!"
Toad: "Oh no!"
Mario: "Ugh…ugh…"
Luigi: "Mario!"
Luigi: "Here's a Power Star! Catch!"
Mario: "Oh…"
Petey Piranha: "That's mine!!"
Petey Piranha: Snap!
Mario: !

Petey Piranha: "Haha!" *gulp*
Mario: "Uh…"
Petey Piranha: "Mmm…"
Petey Piranha: "Bleh!"!
Petey Piranha: "Wha…?! What is this?!"
Luigi: "Haha! Doesn't my shoe taste good?"
Toad: "Haha!"
Mario: "The real Power Star is right here!"

Mario: "Eat my fist! Hyup hyup hyup!"

*Pang* *Pang* *Pang*
Luigi, Toad: "Well done, Mario!"
Luigi: "Mario! Are you all right?"
Mario: "As easy as pie!"
Mario: "Hmph…ow…"

Toad: "Where's the princess?"
Mario: "Captured by Bowser."
Luigi: "Oh…"
Toad: "!!!"
Mario: "Right, Luigi, where did that Power Star come from?"
Luigi: "The princess hid it inside the museum."
Toad: "Thank goodness Bowser didn't find it. Or else…"

Luigi: "What does Bowser need the Power Stars for?"
Toad: "According to legend, in this Mushroom World, there are five Power Stars!"
Toad: "If Mario obtains all five Power Stars, he can gain amazing powers!!!"
Mario: "No wonder I felt so powerful back there!"
Toad: "Yup!"

Toad: "It looks like in order to rescue the princess, we must obtain the Power Stars."
Mario: "Great! Then what are we waiting for? Let's go!!!"
Mario, Luigi, Toad: "Defeat Bowser, and rescue the princess!"

Yoshi Forest
*Thud, thud, thud*
*Thud, thud, thud*
Thud! Thud! Thud!
Mario: "Let's-a-go!"

Mario: "Faster, you two!"
Luigi, Toad: "Huff…huff…"
Luigi: "Huff…So tired…"
Toad: "I'm tired to death…"
Luigi: "Can we just rest for a while!"
Toad: "I can't move any more…"
Mario: "Alright."
Luigi: "Huh? An apple?!"

Luigi: "Heh heh…apple…"
Mario: "Hm?"
Luigi: *Wipe* *Wipe*
Luigi: "Bon appetite!"
Mario: "?"
Mario: "This is a strange forest…"
Luigi: "Haha…"

Mario: "Oh?!"
Toad: "!!!"
Mario: "Yoshi!!"
Yoshi: "Hmm?"

Toad: "Ahem…these are small dinosaurs that live on the southern parts of Yoshi's Island. People call them Yoshis."
Toad: "Look, they like eating fruit!"
Toad: "They're also very passionate towards people!"
Yoshi: *Lick*
Mario: "Oh?"
Toad: "Hey! Don't do that! Stop licking me!"

Luigi: "What a good boy!"
Yoshi: "Nom!"
Mario: "Ah?!"
Luigi: "Let go of me, you prehistoric creature!"
Luigi: "Let go!"
Mario: "Oh, dear!"!
Toad: "Pull with all your strength!"
Luigi: "Ah!!"

Luigi: "Ugh…it's all sticky."
Toad: "But, they're very smart."
Toad: "And they're very likable! Isn't that right, Yoshi?"
Mario: "I see..."
Toad: "Such a cute fellow, even though they don't know how to speak."
Yoshi: *Whimper*
Toad: "Their appetite is incredible."
Toad: "And...all Yoshis can lay eggs."

Toad: "They can even make eggs out of the things they swallow."
Toad: "Ah! Don't do that!"
Mario: "No! Ah!"

Mario: "Whoa! Smells like egg."
Yoshi: *Bounce, bounce*
Yoshi: "Hup, hup!"

Toad: "Looks like it's leading the way!"
Yoshi: "Hup, hup!"
Toad: "Let's follow it!"
Luigi: "Coming!"

Message Block: *Snore*
Message Block: "The weather is great! New mushrooms have grown on the east side of the forest!"
Yoshi: "!!!"
Message Block: "Ah!"

Message Block: "Fine! Ask whatever you need! I know everything about this forest."
Mario: "Alright, then do you know why there are Yoshis in here?"
Message Block: "Ah yes, so the thing is…"
Message Block: "Let me take a sip of tea…"
Message Block: "%**&&##$!! &%%%#@@!!!"
Message Block! "Fine! I'll answer!"

Message Block: "The Super Happy Tree on Yoshi's Island has been stolen by Baby Bowser.*"
Message Block: "As no more fruits have grown on the trees, the Yoshis have come out to look for food."
Mario, Luigi, Toad: "Baby Bowser!"
Mario: "That sounds familiar."
Message Block: "He's the bad guy around this place. He even stole the Power Stars!"

*Translator's note: I'm guessing Baby Bowser is a separate character and not a younger version of Bowser in this comic, you could also interpret the character's name as Bowser Jr. but I'm using Baby Bowser since he's the actual antagonist of Yoshi's Story.

Mario: "Power Stars?"
Message Block: "Yup! The Power Star of Yoshi's Island was stolen by him."
Toad: "We're too late!"!
Mario: "Curses! Let's go! We have to find him."
Yoshi: "Whoa! Whoa!"
Mario: "What is it saying?"

Message Block: "Give me a tip and then I'll talk."
Yoshi: "Waow!"
Message Block: "I knew you'd do that!"
Message Block: "The Yoshi wants you to bring the Super Happy Tree back. It'll help guide you on your way."
Mario: "Does it know the way?"

Message Block: "Hoho, Yoshis have very sensitive noses. They can follow the smell of the Super Happy Tree."
Toad: "Yes, with the help of Yoshi, we can find the Power Stars!"
Mario: "Let's go, everyone! Find the Power Stars and save the princess!"
Message Block: "Finally, I can get some sleep…"

End of Chapter 1